De Opvoedkaravaan

A ‘Karavaan’ represents a group of people who move together with a common goal. The purpose of De Opvoedkaravaan is to provide a good range of activities for parents, young people and children in the municipality of Heerhugowaard. Since 2011, the municipality of Heerhugowaard organizes De Opvoedkaravaan once a year (previously twice a year). Because every opvoedkaravaan has a separate theme, each opvoedkaravaan is therefore designed separately. However, there is a recurring corporate identity for recognisability.

colorfull – playfull – together was initially designed to inform the target group only about the very first opvoedkaravaan. The main focus for the redesign is to easely read about the upcoming events and to view all previous opvoedkaravanen.

Besides the color palette of De Opvoedkaravaan, I also wanted to incorporate elements from the logo. The sketch lines are used in the navigation bar as a highlighter to let the visitors know on which page they are.

According to the date you visit the website, the information may very. If there is an opvoedkaravaan in the near future, the visitors will see information about this particular event. If not, the visitors can leave their e-mailadress to be updated about the next opvoedkaravaan.

Prototype: desktop / mobile